I have build a Formant modular synthesizer in 1978, that was the beginning of it all. Then I bought a Roland SH-2000, came to the conclusion that 2 synthesizers were not enough to make decent music and sold them. I started to photograph (analog these days) in 1980. I maried in 1982, got two boys in 1983 and 1985, bought a Yamaha V50 in 1990 and started to make music again. I released my first CD in 1996 “Mind TRIPS”. Now more than 30 years later I have more than 30 solo-albums and more than 10 collaboration albums, almost all available at “Syngate” and “Bandcamp”. My photographic artwork is available at “Werk aan de Muur”, “Shutterstock”, “Dreamstime” and “Adobe Stock”.

“Mushroom time again!

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